Logotype for CPAP Store


CPAP Store


Logotype & Brand Creation

Logotype Design

When we received a request to create a logo for the store, we took into account their existing website, which already had established brand colors and style. Our goal was to design a logo that seamlessly integrated with their modern and airy aesthetic, while ensuring it looked visually appealing across both digital and print materials.

Color Scheme

Our client required a logo that would be visually appealing on both light and dark backgrounds. To meet this requirement, we developed two versions of the logo – one for light backgrounds and another for dark backgrounds. In the design of the logo trademark, we incorporated gradients using the company’s brand colors, ensuring a cohesive and consistent representation of their brand.

Design Approach

The logo was crafted using a monogram approach, where the trademark was formed by combining the first two letters of the brand name. However, we strived to create a design that wasn’t immediately obvious upon first glance, opting for a more abstract representation. This approach adds an element of intrigue and allows for deeper exploration and appreciation of the logo’s design.

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