Logotype for Manufacturer of Pillows and other Sleep Products


Manufacturer of pillows and other sleep products


Logotype & Brand Creation

End-to-End Brand Creation Services

We take pride in providing comprehensive branding services for this client, including logo design, color scheme development, print materials, products packaging and a fast, modern website.

Logotype Design

Our client was looking to establish a brand identity for their line of premium pillows and sleep products, and we were tasked with creating a distinctive logo to represent their brand. To achieve this, we selected a fancy and highly decorative font, along with a series of ornamental elements that evoke a sense of luxury and refinement. 

The Color Scheme

The color scheme we chose is both elegant and classic, which helps to reinforce the high-end positioning of the brand.

Overall, our goal was to create a logo that would effectively communicate the brand’s commitment to quality and comfort, while also appealing to the sophisticated tastes of its target audience.

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