Logotype for Neuro Movement Clinic


Neuro Movement Clinic


Logotype & Brand Creation

Logotype Design

The client approached us with a request to craft a distinctive logo that would embody the essence of their practice, seamlessly integrating the principles of brain plasticity into their movement lessons. 


We conceptualized a logo that strikes a harmonious balance between simplicity and sophistication. The design captures the intricacies of brain connections in an abstract manner, serving as a visual representation of the transformative journey within their practice.

Logotype Application

Following the successful creation of the logo, we extended our design expertise to encompass a range of print projects for the clinic. Among these projects is a visually captivating poster, thoughtfully crafted to showcase elements derived from the logo as an integral part of its background. This cohesive design approach not only reinforces brand identity but also ensures a seamless visual connection across various promotional materials for the clinic.

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