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Business Cards Design Services

We designed a collection of business cards tailored for our client working in Finance, seamlessly incorporating key elements from their unique brand style. The result is a set of cards that strike a harmonious balance between simplicity and bold elegance, effectively representing the essence of the company.

Light Version of the Design

We developed an alternative set of cards featuring a light color palette, and we’re pleased to share that it has also been approved by the client and will be put into use.

The Impression

We consistently strive to provide our clients with powerful tools to enhance their business, and these business cards are no exception. They are poised to make a strong statement and leave a lasting impression on behalf of our client.

What the Client says: 

“It was a pleasure to work with Yulia. I was surprised with professional Layout and Design, offered by Yulia: strict and clear in dark and light colours. I also liked the way the information on the business card was placed, as it helps people remember me. I would highly recommend Yulia as business card designer.”

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